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Approximately one or two years ago, I went to a work conference in Manhattan Beach, California. It was a great trip, and the area was definitely beautiful even though I hardly left the conference hotel. Yes, I went all the way to a very beautiful city and didn't really get to enjoy it! It is something that I still regret to this day, however, it's not hard for me to go back again (as stated below).

We plan on going back eventually, and venturing past the hotel that we are staying at of course.

Manhattan Beach, California is a beach town in Los Angeles County in the state of California with a population of approximately 35,000. It is located west of Los Angeles on the Santa Monica Bay.

It is a very wealthy area and contains some of the most expensive homes in the United States. Manhattan Beach is a very popular beach area, with many activities (such as volleyball, biking, fishing, skating, and water sports), and is said to have one of the most beautiful piers in the United States. You can fish off the pier throughout the year as well.


Popular attractions when visiting Manhattan Beach, California.

The Manhattan Beach Pier is a very beautiful pier near the downtown area of Manhattan Beach. Sunset is beautiful here and if you make the visit to Manhattan Beach, then you should definitely try to stay for sunset. As stated earlier, the Manhattan Beach Pier is also popular for fisherman.

The Strand is another popular attraction for visitors of Manhattan Beach. It is a street that allows people to walk or bike ride through town. It is a very pretty bike ride or walk/run. Taking a leisurely walk on the Strand can be a great way to see the city of Manhattan Beach and enjoy the natural beauties that the beach town supplies.

The beach in Manhattan Beach is of course a very popular place when visiting the town. There are many family friendly activities, plenty of food, and also lots of relaxing. There are places for shopping, eating food, and trying many new activities.


How to get to Manhattan Beach, California.

Manhattan Beach is a fairly easy place to get to. It is located very close to the Los Angeles Airport (approximately five miles south of the Los Angeles Airport), which means that you can fly into this beach town fairly easily and take a relatively cheap taxi ride to wherever you are looking to stay at.

You can also drive, take a bus or a train (or a mixture of all 3).


Tips for when visiting Manhattan Beach, California.

  1. There are public bathrooms for visitors to Manhattan Beach. The bathrooms are located along the beach.
  2. If you come unprepared to enjoy the water, there are many surf shops in the town where you can buy swimsuits, towels, water gear, and so on..
  3. Paid parking will be almost necessary, as free parking is very hard to come by in the Manhattan Beach area. So, please make sure to bring plenty of change with you for parking meters.


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