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A couple of years ago, we went on a vacation to Miami, Florida. Once we arrived, we spent a few days there and then decided to take a day to rent a car and make a one day road trip to Key West.

It was a bit of a drive from Miami, but I do think it was worth well it. Someday soon we do plan on devoting a full weeklong vacation to Key West, as there are so many things to do, plus several awesome places to eat at.

Key West is an island in Florida. It is the southernmost part of the Florida keys and also the southernmost city in the continential United States. Key West is a wonderful and very beautiful drive to take as you are driving along the ocean almost the entire time. The island of Key West is four miles long and two miles wide (with over 3,000 acres of land).

Key West is known for many things. There are plenty of water related activities for you and your family, there is nightlife, many beaches and also many historical sites that you may want to visit.

Ernest Hemingway also is well known in Key West and there are many places that he often frequented. One known place is Sloppy Joe's Bar. You can also see his home and visit the Ernvest Hemingway Museum.


Weather in Key West, Florida.

Key West usually has great weather. The weather there is usually relatively stable. The coolest month is January and the warmest month is July, however, there is not a large difference in temperature between the coldest and warmest month. The temperature in Key West is uaully around 75 to 95 degrees.

In regards to rain, Key West is similar to many other islands nearby, in that some months have heavy rain whereas other months do not experience much rain. The months of May through the months of October are usually the rainiest. Rain usually does not last for long though, and the sun usually comes back out after it has rained.


How to get to Key West, Florida.

There are many different ways for you to get to Key West for your vacation. You can fly directly to Key West and land at the Key West International Airport. However, this airport is small and the fares are usually relatively high.

You can also fly to Miami and rent a car and drive to Key West. This is what we did and it was relatively cheap. We found a rental car for less than $100 for one day, even though we put a lot of miles on the car.

There are also buses, driving directly from wherever you live, hopping on a train, or hopping on a boat. As you can see, there are many different options depending on your budget and how you prefer to travel.


Transportation once you arrive in Key West, Florida.

While we only spent one full day in Key West, we did notice many things. Most people do not drive their cars once they arrive. Most people park their cars (if they have them), and rent bikes or scooters. It was definitely a fun and relaxed environment to be in!

When we spent our day there, we parked our car once we arrived and walked around. There are plenty of small shops and places to eat at, and walking made it much more enjoyable for our short stay. 

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