Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Photo by Rachel Kramer via Flickr
Later this month, my fiance and I plan on traveling to Chicago, and then continuing along to Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan.
Luckily, we live in St. Louis, Missouri and this trip won't be too long of a drive, but it will be a fun road trip for the month of October. The weather will be perfect for visiting Chicago and Michigan. We won't be able to swim outside, but we will be able to explore the outdoors in the perfect Fall weather.
This is something that my fiance has been wanting to do for quite some time, and we plan on making it a road trip since we do have a Jeep Wrangler. This will be a budget friendly vacation since we will be driving, it will be an outdoorsy trip, and we might even camp some of the days if the weather allows for it.
Sand dunes are always a fun trip, and the Silver Lake Sand Dunes are the all time sand dunes for off-roaders to go to. The Silver Lake Sand Dunes receive over 1,000,000 visitors every single year. There are many families, young adults, seniors and so on who visit, because there is something for everyone to do.
The Silver Lake Sand Dunes consists of 2,936 acres on Lake Michigan, in the state of Michigan. Over 2,000 acres of this state park consists of sand dunes, which is one of the primary reason for why it attracts so many visitors.
The Silver Lake Sand Dunes consist of three sections.
The off-road section (where we will mainly be going to) is in the Northern section of the Dunes. Since we have a Jeep Wrangler, we will be taking our Jeep here and having some crazy fun. Not many areas in the United States let you bring your vehicle and drive "reckless," which is what makes the Silver Lake Sand Dunes a lot of fun.  You are allowed vehicle access at the Dunes between April 1st and October 31st of each year.
The second section is the Southern section and consists of Mac Woods Dune Rides. You can sign up for a tour that is around 45 minutes and enjoy the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.
If you want to walk and see how beautiful the Silver Lake Sand Dunes are, then the Center section is for you. There are beautiful beaches for you and your family to enjoy.
Activities at Silver Lake Sand Dunes:
  • Off-roading. The Silver Lake Sand Dunes is very popular for off-roading. You will find many off-roading vehicles and a long line of vehicles waiting for their turn to do this at certain times.
  • Hiking. There are many acres to explore.
  • Walking. As stated above, there are many, many acres to explore when at Silver Lake Sand Dunes.
  • Swimming in the many beaches. The water at Silver Lake Sand Dunes is beautiful.
  • Fishing. Lake Michigan is home to many different kinds of fish.
  • Camping. We might camp while we are there also.
  • Hunting. However, look further into this before you hunt of course.
  • Boating. Lake Michigan is very large, and you will find/see many boats.


0 # Jamie 2013-10-25 14:34
I think these sand dunes sound like a great stop for our next road trip. I've been looking for a different destination for camping, and this could be it. Thanks!
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0 # Michelle 2013-11-01 12:13
Yes, it's a great place to visit Jamie :)
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