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New Orleans Square New Orleans Square Photo by Anna Fox via Flickr

There are very few cities in the world that embrace the party atmosphere in the way that New Orleans does. It’s like a little slice of Rio de Janeiro dropped into the United States, especially when Mardi Gras rolls around every year. While the Big Easy has become inexorably linked with that annual event, there is actually a lot more to see and do all year round.

New Orleans is the perfect spot for tourists that love good food and great music, especially if jazz is the style they love. The French Quarter is almost a living, breathing part of the city, where people come to eat, drink and play. You can choose from fine dining or simply decide to settle into a great little bar where live music is always available and the gumbo is always hot.

If you need a little break from the New Orleans party atmosphere, there is plenty of history and culture to soak up during your visit. This is particularly true if you head down to the Garden District to take in the amazing architecture of the area. It’s all too easy to believe that you have taken a little step back in time to a day when gas lamps cast an ethereal glow over the grand old city.

The great thing about a visit to New Orleans is that there is something going on all year round. It’s not all just major celebrations, with the arts also very heavily represented in a number of different festivals. Everyone is aware that New Orleans had more than its fair share of issues after the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina, but the people of the city have proven just how proud they are of their home. New Orleans is back and better than ever, which means you have to go visit and helps those great folks in the efforts to heal.

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