New to Triposs: Las Vegas

Las Vegas Neon Las Vegas Neon Photo Credit: pixabay.com

If Paris is “City of Light,” then it’s fair to say that Las Vegas should be regarded as the “City of Neon Light.” What’s ironic is that Paris actually occupies a little section of the Vegas Strip, with the Sin City version of the Eiffel Tower soaring high above the city street. Sites like that are enough to leave the average tourist a little awestruck, especially on the first visit to the jewel of the Nevada desert. It is our goal to help you get over that initial shock and help you find all the fun that Vegas has to offer.

We are proud to announce that Las Vegas and all the fantastic attractions in the city will soon be added to the pages here at Triposs. What we hope to show you is that Vegas is much more than just a gambling destination. Yes, you can kill some time on the slot machines, but you will be missing all the magic that lies outside the front doors of the casino.

We will provide you with all the details you need to know about the hot spots in and around the city. Some can be found inside all the glorious hotels along the strip, while others can only be discovered by going a little off the beaten path. Las Vegas is a city that is constantly changing, and we will do our best to keep up with those changes as they happen. There is no need to gamble with the information on other travel sites when Triposs is such a sure bet.

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