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Wrigley Field - Chicago

Wrigley Field - Chicago Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In an era when sports teams are making the move to newer stadiums that generate more revenue, the Chicago Cubs are a team apart. They still make their home in the stadium that has been around since 1916, and fans and visitors to the city simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Baseball is more about tradition that just about any other sport, yet teams are all too quick to abandon that in favor of the almighty dollar. Wrigley Field is a throwback to an era of baseball when players where underpaid and taking your kid to the ballpark was considered something of a rite of passage. That may explain why so many people, many of whom don’t even really care about baseball, decide they need to pay a visit whenever they are in Chicago.

The history that surrounds the place cannot be denied, with almost a century of memories and magical moments still seeming to echo around the old ballpark. You can get to see parts of the stadium you ordinarily wouldn’t by taking one of the organized tours, but to get a real feel for what the place is about, you need to get a beer and a hot dog and take in an afternoon game at Wrigley Field.

Chicago is a city that is full to brimming with great pieces of architecture, but few can bring as much joy to the masses as Wrigley Field can.


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