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The Magic of the Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile The Magnificent Mile Photo by Joel Olives via Flickr

Just about every major city you care to mention has a shopping district that is a must visit when you are on vacation. The problem is that many of the areas in question are in parts of the city that are tucked out of the way from all of the major attractions, meaning you have to devote a full day of your time to give the credit card a workout. That’s fine if you are there for a week or longer, but if you only have a day or two to see the city, it can be a major issue. The magnificent Mile in Chicago is one place where you can get your shopping fix and take in a number of great attractions, all in one wonderful stretch of road.

Located at the northern end of Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile is reminiscent of a European style street, but is very much American in the shopping, food, accommodations, and sights that are fund there. It’s actually a very good place to set up camp on vacation, although you might want to save for a little while, since many of the hotels in the area are of the high-end variety. It tends to be the shopping that brings people to the Magnificent Mile, as some of America’s biggest shopping names are lines along the streets there, but it’s the sights and landmarks that tend to make people stay a little longer.

Chicago is well known for its stunning architecture, and many of the better known buildings in the city cast a shadow along the busy sidewalks of the Magnificent Mile. The John Hancock Center and the tribune Tower are just two of the magnificent buildings that stand majestically above the street, but one of the more popular landmarks can be found a little closer to the ground, The Michigan Avenue Bridge was originally designed and built to accommodate the growing number of people congregating in the area, and close to a century later, the beautiful bridge is still performing the same job with its usual style and elegance.

Pumping Station in the Old Water TowerOne landmark that is sure to catch your breath when you first see it is the stunningly beautiful Wrigley Building. The construction of this great building, as well as many of the other architectural beauties in the area, began after the completion of the Michigan Avenue Bridge. The Wrigley Building is considered by many to be not only the jewel of this particular part of Chicago, but of the entire city. Somewhat lost among all the towering skyscrapers, but no less important, is the Old Water Tower. This beautiful little structure is small compared to the buildings around it, but this little tower is a survivor, as it was one of the few structures that survived the Great Fire of 1871.

The Magnificent Mile is an area of Chicago that you must visit when you are in town. Just make sure that you remember to pack your camera and your credit card, as both are likely to get a workout.


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