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Shedd Aquarium - Chicago Shedd Aquarium - Chicago Photo by wanderingone via Flickr

There are plenty of amazing places and scenery you can visit in the U.S. From the east coast to west coast, you will discover all beautiful spots which can bring happiness and satisfaction. The United States Federal Government maintains its historical spots, national parks, amusement parks in order to enjoy by the visitors. Each and every state, you have many choices where to visit its remarkable sceneries, however if you love marine animals and water scenery you must consider Chicago city.

If you have a plan to go to Chicago, you need to experience staying with the leader and icon in zoo and aquarium profession: the Shedd Aquarium.

Shedd Aquarium was developed possible through John G. Shedd. He imagined it to become the grandest aquarium in Chicago and the whole United States as well and was open to the public officially on 30th of May 1930 that became one of the historical landmarks in Chicago.

Shedd AquariumThe success of Shedd aquarium lies on its developer leadership regarding shaping the future as well as followers integrated by supportive, collaborative, creative, strong, energetic as well as persistent outlook. The objective of Shedd Aquarium is to provide information, entertainment and inspiration to those interested about marine animals, their surrounding and relations to human being. They are also advertising animal conversation, offers teaching as well as learning resources and help world environmental attentiveness.

The mission of Shedd aquarium is to allow marine animals connect to human into the living world through providing inspiration by begging to create a difference. They teach people in an interesting mean having stewards with devotion on caring animals.

Shedd Aquarium is sustaining global programs when it comes to conservations. Shedd is also the first aquarium all over the world to have a learning department, a course book itself exploring life as well as expanding horizons regarding the marine animals in their refuge trained by their skilled teachers within lessons.

Shedd Aquarium is an asylum with various types of animal species which people could travel around and gain knowledge of. They offer itineraries for guests regarding Shedd Aquarium explorations by means their site maps.

One day is not enough to explore Shedd Aquarium so the best way is to join their membership in order to visit it over and over again. Some foundations provide discount days upon exploring Shedd Aquarium providing free general entrance.

Shedd Aquarium aside from various species they offer, they also make sure that your exploration is stress and convenient, there is no worry of visiting this place because:

      • Giant Japanese Spider CrabLockers: they have coin operated lockers accessible for keeping coats but they are not accountable for package which doesn’t suit into the lockers.
      • Taking photos with animals are allowed however you are required to switch off the flash for animal’s security and safety purposes. Taking pictures in Oceanarium and restaurants are restricted. 
      • Handicapped parking space are accessible.
      • There is a nursing area.

The right to visit this place is to come early on weekends to avoid the rush. Shedd aquarium is a renowned place in the U.S and can get crowded easily during summer, holidays or weekends. Explore this place and have fun.


Fall/winter Sept. 4 to Memorial Day
9 a.m to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Regular summer every day through Labor Day, Sept. 3: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Shedd Aquarium is open every day of the year except Christmas.
Address/Map:    1200 South Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: (312) 939-2438
Website: Shedd Aquarium
General Admission:
Adults: $8
Children: $6
More information about city pass and other tickets