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Clark House Clark House Photo: Eric Allix Rogers via Flickr

The Prairie Avenue of Chicago is a unique district in itself. Holding a special historical significance to the city, the place was the most fashionable district during the last decades of the 19th century. At that time, it was only the wealthiest of wealthiest people who would come here to reside. The place was the grandest part of the city and was the center of high society. That being said, it was chosen as a Chicago Landmark in 1979.

However, during the Great Depression, a lot of these houses were demolished. The consequences became even grave during the World War II. As a result of this, more and more commercial endeavors started replacing the grand Victorian residences. Fortunately, some of these homes were saved. Thus, at present, there are only few original properties at Prairie Avenue District. Nonetheless, despite much destruction, you will be able to get the feel of the elite Victorian life.

When you are here, either you can opt for a walking tour or discover the place on your own. That is not all! You must visit The Glessner House which is a historic museum designed by Henry Richardson in 1886. It has kept for display an excellent assortment of decorative arts from the 19th century. A visit here brings the past back to life. Besides these, programs, events and lectures are held for the audiences all round. There is no doubt why the museum is well known throughout the world. The museum is open on all days except for important holidays.

Moreover, another museum has been made accessible to the general public and that is the Clark House Museum. One of the oldest among the cities in Chicago, the museum was established in 1836. The best thing about the museum is that it exhibits life of the people in Chicago before the Civil War. Once you will come here you are bound to have a rich experience. It will be in your best interest to explore the place through guided tours as you will get to know noteworthy historical information.

Do remember that both the museums are open for the general public. You can plan visiting here from Wednesday through Sunday.

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