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National Museum of Mexican Art

Museum of Mexican Art Museum of Mexican Art Photo by Gozamos via Flickr

The National Museum of Mexican Arts was opened to the public in March 27th, 1987. This museum is the only Latino museum that is situated in the city of Chicago. The museum was formerly called the Mexican Fine Arts Museum. It features the tradition and culture of Mexican and Latino and also the Chicago culture. The museum was founded by Carlos Tortoledo in the year 1982. It is located in the Pilsen neighborhood in the center of Chicago. It is the only museum accredited by the institution to display and exhibit Mexican culture in the city of Chicago.

The museum’s collection consists of prominent works by Mexican artists that created paintings and artifacts that display the history of Mexico. The museum also exhibits what is called “Mexicanidad” or the past and the present. This explores the whole history of Mexico in almost five stages of collections. The museum also includes the exhibit of the revolutionary time between the US and the Mexican people. This bloody history is shown in the museum as part of the history and liberation of Mexico and its people. Every October, the museum presents the festival called Dia de los Muertos which is called the day of the dead. The exhibit features Altars and relevant arts are exhibited in all areas of the city of Chicago.

The 2005 exhibit was dedicated to the artists who contributed to the collection of the museum, Carlos Cortez and Ed Paschke. The national museum also acts as an educator for many schools as it conducts performance in the community for educational purposes. In the year 1994, the museum created two festivals with one called Del Corazon. This museum is one of the best places to visit if you want to know the history as well as culture of Mexico.


Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed on Mondays and Major Holidays
Address/Map:  1852 W 19th St Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: (312) 738-1503
Website: National Museum of Mexican Art
Admission: Free