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Lincoln Conservatory Lincoln Conservatory Photo by David Ohmer via Flickr

The Lincoln Park Conservatory is perfectly situated beside the shores of Lake Michigan. The area it covers is more than 3 acres of land in which both the conservatory and the botanical garden are placed. The exact address of the conservatory is 2391 North Stockton Road. The Alfred Caldwell pool and the Nature sanctuary pond are situated further up north. Together with the Garfield Park, the conservatory provides information with its horticultural collections and also conducts educational programs for the entire community. In the past, a greenhouse was situated in the area together with an adjacent garden. The conservatory was built from 1890-1895.

The city of Chicago has three large parks that were commissioned in the year 1869 and by the year 1895, Chicago already has 5 conservatories all over the city. The very first people that were in the city established hospitals for different charitable institutions and some for religious groups. These people provided different kinds of plants and organisms that were used in different research for medical and medicinal use. The nineteenth century dwellers thought that the effect of growing industrialization would bring destruction to the gardens used for medical purposes. From that point, they organized a commission that will protect the park in the city.

Today, the conservatory has four halls and a total of fifteen propagating houses that grow different kinds of flowers. The vestibule was built in the year 1892 and was opened to the public that same year. The palm house is also connected to the vestibule and houses some of the giant palm trees and rubber trees in the conservatory. The tropical room was called the stove house in the early days. This was opened in the year 1895 and serves people until this day. This room contains assorted tropical flowers and plants that are suspended in the walls.


Hours: 9am - 5pm daily
Address/Map:  2391 N Stockton Dr Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (312) 742-7736
Website: Plan your visit to Lincoln Park Conservatory
Admission: Free