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The Field Museum The Field Museum Photo by ironypoisoning via Flickr

The field museum in Chicago is a must see during any visit to the windy city, especially a first one. Whether you remember seeing it already or not, you may have, even if you have never been to Chicago. It was the base of operations for none other than Hollywood's famous archeologist Indiana Jones. It is widely recognized as one of the foremost natural history museums in the world, housing both temporary and permanent exhibits that provide a feast for the eyes and stir the imagination wildly. As such, it is a great place to bring your kids, or even to go by yourself. If you do go without kids, it is going to make you feel like one again anyway.

When you get there, some of the first exhibits you'll want to explore will be the nature exhibits. In addition to the galleries of rocks and fossils (some of them focusing on rare and precious gemstones), you will also find various specialty exhibits in this section. One of those exhibits explores the history of life on Earth, and one of them explains why the Earth's plates move. The exhibit that tells the story of the lions of Tsavo is also not to be missed. These famous lions once terrorized eastern Africa, so you can readily appreciate just how fascinating this exhibit is.

Elephants at the Field MuseumSome of the other permanent exhibits in this amazing museum are about various cultures. One of the cultures so represented is that of ancient Egypt. Even if none of your own ancestors are represented by any of these exhibits, they are all still quite fascinating to say the least. Another such exhibit allows you the opportunity a full scale Pawnee earth lodge, which is a fascinating experience as you can no doubt well imagine. You'll also see some lacquer ware art from Japan and step inside a Maori meeting house. Add to all of that an examination of life in Tibet as well as other exhibits, and you can clearly see why so many people say this section of the museum is their favorite.

Make sure you stop by and say hello to Sue before you leave, too. Sue is the museum's resident Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil. She is said to be the largest and most complete such specimen in any museum anywhere in the world. She's an impressive twelve feet tall and forty-two feet long, too, so we can't imagine anybody ever finding a bigger one, though it is possible.


Open daily: 9am - 5pm
Closed on Christmas
Address/Map:    1400 South Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: (312) 922-9410
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