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Crown Fountain – Chicago

Crown Fountain Crown Fountain Photo by Serge Melki via Flickr

One of the most breathtaking modern art installations and engineering marvels that Chicago has become known for, Chicago’s Millennium Park is home to one of the largest and most fascinating sculptures and fountains the world has ever seen. Known as the Crown Fountain, the entire monolith is constructed mostly of black granite between two glass brick towers over 50 feet tall. Using a LED display system, people are able to put their own face on the glass towers, as if to look like they are spurting water out of their mouth through the fountain.

While not immediately embraced by all of the residents of Chicago, the Crown Fountain has become one of its most popular and well-known landmarks for residents and visitors alike. Though some people were initially quite concerned that the magnificent and almost oversized glass monoliths would destroy the pleasing and simple aesthetic that Millenniums Park has become known for, the impact on the park has been nothing but positive.

Weather permitting, the digital file and runs between May and October every single year, with a unique and different programmed file in activity for each and every year. First displayed and operated in July 2004, this installation has quickly become one of the most popular places for people all over Chicago to beat the summer heat. Each and every single year from June through to August you’ll be able to find thousands of kids playing in the fountains water, dipping into the reflecting pool, and trying to get their face on the cover of the fountain.

Crown FountainThe incredible thing about this piece of work is that the Crown Fountain has become a hotbed of creativity and a favorite place for all of the cities artists to gather together in impromptu inspirational meetings at all times of the year. One of the most stunning and eye-catching interactive pieces of art and technology you’ll find anywhere in the world, you need to see the Crown Fountain for yourself. Easily one of the most important landmarks the Windy City has to offer, you’ll be able to take all that Millennium Park has to offer and see one of the most transformative pieces of art the US has been able to produce in its history.

Location/Map: S Michigan Ave, Chicago, 60601