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The "Bean" or Cloud Gate

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The "Bean" or Cloud Gate Photo by Stephen Hanafin via Flickr

Chicago is a fun place to visit and live. I lived there when I was younger for a little over five years. I last visited in July of 2013, and an attraction that I really wanted to see was the "Bean" or formally known as Cloud Gate.

This sculpture was not created yet when I lived in Chicago, so I wasn't able to see the attraction when I lived in the city. Also, whenever I came into town to visit old friends from my childhood and my family who still lived in Chicago, I just never got the chance to see the Bean. However, when I went with friends to Chicago July of 2013, they demanded that we went! It was a lot of fun, and I definitely recommend everyone who goes to Chicago to try to squeeze in some time to visit the Cloud Gate sculpture.

This is a very popular attraction for those visiting the city of Chicago. There always seems to be a lot of visitors. The happiness and witnessing other visitors' attempt to create fun and interesting photos is always a delight to see. There are those on a Chicago vacation, and locals of Chicago visit the attraction also. It's in a great location and it's a fun attraction (that is free), so it's a good place to visit.

Where is Cloud Gate?

Cloud Gate sits in Millennium Park in the city of Chicago, Illinois.  Millennium Park is in the city right next to the shore line. There are many attractions to visit, and it is home to many public events.

The Bean sits in the AT&T Plaza (and was given to Millennium Park from AT&T).

Who created the Cloud Gate sculpture?

Cloud Gate was created by the British artist Anish Kapoor between the years of 2004 and 2006. He created Cloud Gate, which is astonishingly big sculpture and weighs 110 tons. It looks like liquid mercury, and it is one of the largest sculptures of this type. The Bean is 66 feet long and a little over 30 feet high.

How was Cloud Gate created?

It is known as the Bean, however its true meaning is to represent Chicago's skies and its clouds. Visitors to the attraction can walk underneath it, due to a 12 foot arch that represents a gate. It was many steel plates and thousands of hours of polishing, which makes the sculpture look so smooth.

As a visitor, you can walk right up to the bean and walk under it. It is like a mirror and distorts your appearance. You can walk up to it in any direction almost, and take a different and fun picture.

Here are some fun poses for when you visit the attraction:

  1. Taking a picture of the reflection of Chicago's big city buildings.
  2. Have someone behind you take a picture of you facing the Bean, which then creates a mirrored picture of you twice.
  3. Laying on the ground underneath the Bean.
  4. Take a picture of the actual sculpture with city buildings as the background.
  5. Take a picture of your reflection.


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