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Union Station Union Station Photo by Matthew Black via Flickr

Union Station is a place of historical significance in Chicago. The station was constructed in 1925 and was at the time a nation railway hub. Currently, it is the major rail terminal of Chicago as well as the city’s last intercity rail terminal.

The station is located to the west of Chicago River and is extended over more than nine city blocks. However, the most astonishing feature of the station is that it is not like any other ordinary stations. On the contrary, it is a beautiful reflection of the city’s architectural heritage. Once you come here, you will notice that the environment here is quite captivating. The facades echo the Beaux-Art style while the Corinthian columns are massive and magnificent to look at. Not only this! The floors are furnished with marbles which adds to the charm of the place.

Moreover, the main waiting room, also famously known as “The Great Hall”, has been one of the US’s greatest public spaces. Why not? After all, there are so many things worth praising here. Whether it is the 219 ft long vaulted skylight or the statuary or the lobbies, balconies and staircases, everything in the waiting room looks elegant. To make it easier for the travelers, the room has been facilitated with enormous wooden benches. No wonder! In 2012, it was chosen amongst the greatest places in America by AP Association.

What is even more splendid is that the station has about ten entrances. The main entrance is opposite to the head house on Canal Street. However, travelers can also make their way from the head house through an underground passageway. Above the head house, the space is at present occupied by Amtrak for office purpose.

Apart from its architectural side, the station also offers a food court featuring national chains as well as local favorites. Also, there are restrooms, ATMs, a flower shop, a newsstand, a game room and two bars. These facilities are buried beneath the skyscrapers and streets. There is a large passageway that leads to the concourse. Overall, the Station, apart from being a rail terminal, also highlights community cohesiveness. It is attractive as well as smoothly functioning till date.


Address/Map:  225 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (800) 872-7245
Website: Plan your visit to Chicago Union Station