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Chicago Riverwalk Chicago Riverwalk Photo by Tracie Hall via Flickr

In downtown Chicago on the banks of Chicago River is situated the famous Riverwalk. Being a pedestrian waterfront, Riverwalk has been a common place of visit not only for the tourists but also for the local people. People come here in masses to enjoy the lush green spaces.

However, development of the waterfront was not an easy task. It had its own shares of hurdles. By 1909 Daniel Burnham had already envisioned a recreational corridor at the banks of Chicago River. Yet the plan could not turn out as expected because properties next to the riverfront were mostly in private hands. As a matter of fact, the public was not able to access almost whole of the Chicago waterfront.

Later in 1999, the idea was re-launched by Richard M Daley, the mayor. On his saying the plan was executed that allowed the public walkways to be created.

In 2002, a Chicago River Master Plan was laid out. According to this plan, some more strategies were implemented to improve the open space near the river.

It was finally in 2007 that a development committee was formed to develop the walkway by working with the city. The result of the project is what we know as Riverwalk today. Since that time, continuous efforts have been made to expand the Riverwalk.

Chicago RiverwalkAt present, the waterfront is quite a popular place. This is so because the hectic life people are living today just drains them completely. In such a case, the natural beauty surrounding the waterfront is the best to have a pleasant time away from the city life. You can see families, office workers and students who come here frequently to relax and enjoy. Moreover, the place also offers cafes and eating places which serves the visitors.

When visiting the Riverfront, it is best to explore the place on foot. Walk your way down to the Wabash Streets and State. The riverwalk is at its broadest between them. Here you can also stop by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza. The plaza consists of a terraced lawn and ramps. However, the major center of attraction is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which boasts of a pool and a waterfall. Alongside the pool, there is a timeline depicting major events that occurred during the Vietnam War.

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