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Chicago Architecture Foundation – Chicago is a non-profit group that is based in USA, Chicago, Illinois. This organization is very dedicated in increasing the public’s interest and understanding about architecture & design. This is also very well-known for its public programs that give benefits to many people. People get inspired to discover about the purpose of architecture design and structure. This is usually done through comprehensive programs like lectures, tours, exhibitions, special events and educational activities for adult and youths.

Tour is really fun and exciting. If you want to witness the beauty of Chicago’s architectural site and architectural cruises found on the amazing Lake Michigan and Chicago River, Chicago Architecture Foundation – Chicago will take you over there. This will surely make you aware and appreciate the beauty of the architectural legacy of Chicago. One of the most of the popular tours is the Architecture cruise that really amazes the travelers who wander along the branches of Chicago from the north to south. This exciting tour will surely give you an overview about the city and its wonderful history. This is really perfect to spend your holidays with your friends and family. This is also perfect for educational tours or fieldtrip. CAF can provide you different options if you want to take a tour. The price will always depend on the tour you wish to take. The money you will spend will surely bring you great satisfaction. This will not only show you the beauty of Chicago, but will also allow you to learn more things about the place.


Hours: Vary - view available tours
Address/Map:    224 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: (312) 922-3432
Website: Chicago Architecture Foundation