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Buckingham Fountain Buckingham Fountain By Raymond Tambunan via Wikimedia

Right in the heart of Chicago's Grant Park is one of the more famous of the cities monuments. This is the majestic Buckingham Fountain and the way in which it graces the area is one of the main reasons as to why tourists are drawn to the area, camera in tow.

The construction of the Buckingham Fountain was overseen by Kate Buckingham. She wanted to create a monument that would honor her brother, Clarence. Her design ideas were inspired by frequent visits to Europe where she became enthralled by the stunning fountains that graced many of the cities. The design of this particular fountain was inspired by the 'Bassin de Latone' which is a fountain based at the Versailles Palace in France.

The Buckingham Fountain currently stands as one of the largest fountains in the world. It measures a whopping 85 meters in diameter and stands at 7 meters height. It makes used of 134 jets of water powered by three different pumps. Surrounding the Buckingham Fountain are four pairs of bronze seahorse. These are intended to represent the four states which border Lake Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. The fountain is intended to represent the lake itself.

The fountain only puts on a water display once every hour, although they do last for around twenty minutes. At the climax of the display the water shoots up to 46 metres into the air. If you are heading to Grant Park to see the Buckingham Fountain then it is suggested that you travel after 8PM (if it is dark) because after that point all of the displays of the fountain are accompanied by sensational music and a brilliant light show. It really is a sight to behold.


Address/Map:    301 S Columbus Dr, Chicago, IL 60605
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