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Boston’s Freedom Trail, a Place to Learn and Grow

Boston's Freedom Trail Boston's Freedom Trail Photo by Jill Clardy via Flickr

Boston Massachusetts is home to some of the most historic places in all of the United States. As a college town it is most notably seen as a tourist spot for party goers and those looking for a place to ‘enjoy’ themselves. But one would be amiss to overlook the rich history that resides at the heart of the city. A 2.5 mile long walking trail in the middle of Boston gives tourist an eye opening hands on tour of important historic sites that made the country what it is today. 16 exciting sites are located along the trail and below we give you a brief description of the must see sites.

  1. Bunker Hill is one of the most important and widely known historic sites on the trail. June 17, 1775 marked a decisive day in the battle between the British and the colonialist. The result was the hill being lost to the British but the loss took three attacks and 1000 British casualties to happen. A monument was built on the hill that represents the battle, and a museum across from the monument has more information for those interested.
  2. Paul Revere HousePaul Revere’s House is obviously a must see on the Freedom Trail. Paul Revere set off on April 19, 1775 to ride to Lexington to warn that the British were headed the way of the militia. Revere’s house is the oldest building in Boston and dates back to 1680. You can enjoy this historic site if you take the Walk into History Tour & North End.
  3. Copp’s Hill. A burial ground for the first settlers and colonist that resided in Boston, Copp’s Hill is the final resting place for both Robert Newman (the man believed to have hung the lanterns for Paul Revere’s ride) and Edmund Hartt the designer and builder of the ship the USS Constitution, are buried on this Hill. A stop at this historic site is reflective and reminds you of the battle fought for freedom in this country.
  4. The Old Corner Book Store. This bookstore was originally built for pharmaceutical purposes in 1711 and the property it was built on belonged to Anne Hutchinson who can be considered a hallmark member of the revolution. She was excommunicated to Rhode Island in 1683 because of her religious beliefs. If you want to know more about Hutchinson the bookstore has detailed information about her life.
  5. Old South Meeting HouseOld South Meeting House. This house in 1729 was not a home, but rather a Puritan church used for town meetings. It was the location of a heated discussion that sparked the Boston Tea Party to form and the start of the revolutionary war. If you want to step foot in a room where Samuel Adams himself stood then this landmark is a must see on your tour.
  6. Boston Latin School. Benjamin Franklin was one of the most notable students of the Latin School and has his likeness is commemorated there permanently by a statue erected in his honor. The school was founded in 1635 and was an important stepping stone for four signers of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Robert Tree Paine.
  7. Granary Burying Ground. One of the most famous cemeteries in both Boston and the world resides off the Freedom Trail. The Granary Burying Ground has over 2,000 headstone markers and three of the signers of the declaration of independence were laid to rest in the cemetery.
  8. The King's ChapelThe King’s Chapel. A magnificent representation of America’s first architecture, the King’s Chapel is gorgeous and the epitome of the American spirit. The church was built by the King’s men to serve as a reminder of British rule and to enforce the law onto the colonist.

Whether you are a first time visitor to Boston or are a current resident, the Freedom Trail is a must see spot. The trail represents everything it means to be an American and serves as a reminder for all that was done by those before us. If you want to learn more about America’s rich history then take the 2 mile trek of the downtown area and be amazed at what you can see and learn during your hike.