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Newbury Street, History Combined with some of the best Shopping in the World

Newbury Street Newbury Street Photo by David Ohmer via Flickr

Newbury Street was once the bottom of the harbor, literally. Up until the mid 1800’s this fabulous one mile long stretch that is now Newbury Street was a part of the Boston Harbor. The harbor was gradually filled in, starting in 1857, and was to become the Back Bay area of Boston. Just about all of the buildings in this area were built at the same time, and they all have a European feel about them. This area became a very prestigious place to live, all the homes here were larger and equipped with the all the modern conveniences of the time.

The exact time that Newbury Street became a retail and tourist destination is not clear. However, it has become known as the “Rodeo Drive of the East” Here one can find just about anything, from shabby chic to elegant, from affordable to exclusive. This street has become a selective mix of independent shops. The most high-end shops are located near the Boston Public Garden end of Newbury Street. The ironic thing about this is that end is called the “lower end.”

Newbury Street is an elegant street that draws tourists and locals alike. The street in lined with 19th century Brownstones, and they contain hundreds of shops and eateries. It is possible to find just about anything here on Newbury Street. The beautiful Brownstones are being utilized to the maximum, there are shops in basements, street level and on up. It is obvious that shop space here on Newbury Street is a premium.

It has been said that Newbury Street may just be one of the most expensive streets in the world. One should come and immerse themselves in the history, shopping and dining this street has to offer. Distinctive and appealing, this is what makes it the nicest shopping streets in Boston, or just about anywhere.

What can the avid shopper find here? The possibilities are endless, on the high-end they have: Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Armani, Nanette Lepore, Ted Baker, Ben Sherman, Donna Karan, Burberry, Cartier, Kate Spade and more.

If you are planning to travel here, a car is not recommended. The streets are in a grid pattern making driving, for the most part, miserable. Delivery trucks are often double parked and pedestrians do not mind walking out in front of cars, but if you must drive they do provide several parking garages in the area.


Address/Map:  Newbury St, Boston, MA
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