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Visiting George's Island in Boston Harbor

Georges Island Georges Island Photo by Doc Searls via Flickr

Boston Harbor has seven islands within it, though George's Island is easily the most accessible. With a ferry providing service to the 39 acre island May thru October, its initial intent was to be a defensive fort. Called Fort Warren, it instead became a place for training troops and even served as a prison during the Civil War. Decommissioned after World War II, the island is now a unique park that is fun to explore. With picnic shelters, a snack shop that features seafood, and plenty of exhibits about the history of the island available, a trip to George's Island will make for a great day.

Explore The Ghostly, Dark Corridors

As legend would have it, the wife of a Confederate officer named Andrew Lanier attempted to break her husband out of the prison on George's Island. Dressed as a man, she was captured and during the struggle accidentally killed her spouse. For her actions, she was sentenced to death by hanging. Her final request was to be dressed in women's clothing as she died, so the soldiers at George's Island found a black robe to dress her in. Some say that you can still see her wandering the dark corridors within the island, but you'll never find out unless you explore them yourself!

There's Plenty of Fun Events Throughout the Year

From vintage baseball games to live music and even puppets, George's Island hosts plenty of special events throughout the time it is open for the whole family. Ranger guided tours are available and other areas around the island are available to roam at your leisure. The expansive parade grounds are a popular place to have nice walk or a quick lunch. Be sure to take in the views of the other harbor islands, the lighthouses, and the Boston skyline, of course!

If you need to get out of the city for a day, you can't go wrong with the trip to George's Island. With up to 14 acres of beach during low tide to enjoy, sea life, and plenty to see and do, you'll have a great time. Tickets for the ferry are $15 for adults, $9 for kids, and kids under 4 are free for the half hour ferry ride. Go have some fun in Boston Harbor today!


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