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Castle Island in Boston

Castle Island Castle Island Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Castle Island is another attraction and tourist destination in Boston, Massachusetts. It is located in South Boston in Boston Harbor. The Castle Island is a recreational area with 22 acres and the location of Fort Independence. Since 1634, Castle Island has been the location for fortification. It is currently connected to the mainland of Boston by a narrow strip of land and because of that, it is not anymore a part of the National Recreation Area and no longer considered as an island. In 1632 at Fort Hill, a battery was constructed as a line of defense from possible attacks. In 1634, the Castle Island was visited and agreed to be a fortress. Later that year, it has been constructed for fortification purposes.

Thus, after a small earthwork and two platforms were constructed on the Northeast portion, it has been said that Castle Island was perfected and by this, other fortifications began. Two famous figures were imprisoned in the fort named Castle William and Pierre Maisonnat dit Baptiste. The Castle Island was renamed Fort Independence in year 1797 and recognized as one of the oldest fortified locations in North British America. In 18th century, it became the 1st Massachusetts state prison.

The Fort Independence was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Boston. In the American Revolution, it served as the main British base for military operations. In Castle Island or Fort Independence, the monument of Donald McKay was erected that faced Boston Harbor towards Boston East. The Castle Island was technically distant offshore, but due to land reclamation, it was connected to the mainland by vehicle and pedestrian causeways. Now, the Castle Island is operated as a State Park by the Boston, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. The Fort Independence is open for tours in summer. It is opened all year round on weekends from 12 noon to 3:30 P.M. In August, July and June, it is open until 7:00 P.M every Thursday night until dusk for visitors to walk on the ramparts.

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