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Boston Public Garden Boston Public Garden Photo by Rick Harris via Flickr

A trip to Boston would not be complete without swinging by the beautiful Boston Public Garden. This unique park was the first botanical garden in America, introduced by Victorians in the 19th century. When paired with the Boston Common, these two parks create the northern terminus of the Emerald Necklace, a long formation of parks strung together by Frederick Law Olmsted. The garden is unique in its variety of plantings, from charming, native trees to enchanting, imported ones. A few of the trees you will find include weeping willows, a Kentucky coffee tree, gingko trees, European and American elms, and even a California redwood. Although Victorians criticized the design of the park because of the lack of uniformity, today the garden is one of Boston's greatest attractions.

Other features of the park include fountains, at least twelve different memorials, and the infamous Swan Boats. Some of the garden's most popular memorials include the Equestrian Statue of George Washington by Thomas Ball, the “Good Samaritan” Ether Monument by John Quincy Adams Ward, and a set of bronze statues of the main characters from the story “Make Way for the Ducklings.” The Swan Boats, which have been around for the past 130 years, are available seven days a week during the warmer seasons, weather permitting. A ride in these attractive boats costs just $3 for adults and $1.50 for children, making the attraction a must-see for the budgeting tourist. Perhaps you have heard of them before- they make an appearance in the stories “Make Way for the Ducklings” and “The Trumpet of the Swan.”

Public Garden SwansSpeaking of swans, there are two that currently reside within the garden. Although nicknamed Romeo and Juliet, it was recently discovered that they are both female. Regardless, they are a lovely sight to behold, especially against the background of the eclectic collection of plantings in the garden.

With so much cultivated and natural beauty in the heart of Boston, it's no wonder that couples choose to have their weddings take place in the Boston Public Garden. Be sure to stop by this gorgeous find with a camera in hand the next time you are in the Walking City- easy access to the park is available from the MBTA Green Line's Arlington Station. For more information on this romantic attraction, please visit www.cityofboston.gov.


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