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Spectacle Island Spectacle Island Photo by mararie via Flickr

Another attraction that promotes the nature and beauty of Boston is the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. It is also called the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area located among the islands of Massachusetts, Boston Harbor. The site is composed of a collection of islands as well as a peninsula and a former island. Many of the sites are open for public recreation and few of which are small and only suited for wildlife. The Boston Harbor Island National Park is run by the Islands Boston Harbor Partnership. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is managing the Boston Harbor Islands State Park. 22 of the 34 islands in the site are included in the Boston Harbor Islands Archeological District.

The Boston Harbor Islands National Park guarantees local or foreign attractions such as beaches, hiking trails, the Civil War-Era located on Fort Warren on Island Georges as well as Boston Lights found on the Little Brewster Island which is the oldest lighthouse found in the United States. Spectacle Island and Georges Island are served seasonally by Ferries from and to Quincy and Boston, connecting on summer weekdays and weekends with shuttle boats to different islands, Hingham and Hull. In Moon Island, granite canals and old tanks are used for revitalizing aquaculture studies and fish population. The Boston Harbor Islands National Park is composed of 13 islands sited in Boston Harbor.

In Boston Harbor Islands National Park, there are numerous islands that visitors can surely enjoy. The islands are discrete on and around the Boston Harbor. Visitors can enjoy island hopping, scuba diving and surfing in different islands they want to visit. Two islands named Spinnaker Island and Castle Island are not part of the National Recreation Area. Boston Harbor Islands Partnership is statutory bodies founded as operating federal committee by the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. The different kinds of islands can guarantee enjoyment and satisfaction to foreign visitors.


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