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Arnold Arboretum Arnold Arboretum Photo by Bill Ilott via Flickr

Harvard University has given us a wonderful place to visit, the Arnold Arboretum. This gives you the chance to learn more about plants and to see all of the amazing things that they make possible. Even if you have little interest in plants themselves, this will be an incredible experience. Take a tour through all that they can do and the major role that they play in our lives. Develop a much deeper understanding of them and enjoy their appearance. It is a beautiful and wonderful way to spend your time, as well as an educational one. You are going to be learning something new without fully realizing it.

While you may pass by plants on a regular basis, you likely do not put too much thought into them. When visiting the Arnold Arboretum, however, you are going to be learning and learning. You are going to be able to figure out a lot more about the plants in the collection. This will help you to see more of the possibilities, no matter how minor or major. This is truly an incredible experience for any person who enjoys learning or who wants to see more than just the beauty in plants. You will have deeper understanding and appreciation for plants when visiting here.

There are also events going on regularly. These help you to get involved more with plants and to understand more about them. This takes you further than the collections would, too. You are exploring a certain part of the plants. These events are not just for general knowledge usually. Oftentimes, they will cover a specific part of plants or their use in our daily lives. This helps you to learn something incredible, or even have a truly unique experience. From drinks to tours and so much more, there is going to be plenty to enjoy when you come during an event.

Arboretum FlowersBetween the library and the research, as well as the programs available, education is something that every person can have. You will be able to visit to learn and you will be able to have a remarkable educational experience while here. This will help you to be active with plants and it will give you a new way to learn about them. With this being Harvard, you can expect some amazing educational opportunities.

Visiting is possible for everyone. Depending on when you visit, the hours of operation will be different. You should look into when they are open for when you are planning your vacation. With how plants change over the seasons, you should also plan your visit around how the collections will change. This will help you to make the most out of your vacation and every moment spent here.


April through October: 11:00am–6:00pm
November through March: noon–4:00pm
Closed Wednesdays
Address/Map:  125 Arborway Boston, MA 02130
Phone: (617) 384-5209
Website: Plan your visit to Arnold Arboretum
Admission: Free - Guided Tours are available as well for free