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Top 5 Ski Destinations in the United States Featured

Top 5 Ski Destinations in the United States - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

1. Lake Tahoe

If you are not sure where to begin, Lake Tahoe is a great place to start your skiing adventure! This location receives over 400 inches of snow every year. You can choose between over 18 different ski resorts in the area, all of which are listed as world-class. Be sure to visit Heavenly and Kirkwood, two of the local favorite resorts. Season passes are available if you plan to stay 5-6 days or longer, making it a really great deal. With extensive weather reporting, road condition observation and live highway cams, you’ll be safe and have a blast on the slopes!

Lake Tahoe

Skiing - The Ridge Tahoe Resort Hotel                                         Photo: Ridge Tahoe Resort Hotel


2. Anchorage, Alaska

With incredible scenic views and amazingly tall mountaintops at sea level, you can create some of the best ski memories in the perfect snowy conditions that nature can offer! Multiple gold and silver Olympic medalists have trained on the beautiful slopes in Anchorage, which offer different resorts and ski courses for beginners to advanced skiers. There is enough daylight in Alaska to ski for up to 16 and half hours during the middle of April! Sick of visiting the same beaches? Come to Anchorage for a midsummer ski trip instead!

Anchorage Alaska

Skiers at the 2012 Alaska Ski for Women                                Photo: Frank Kovalchek


3. Sun Valley, Idaho

This location is truly unique when it comes to the landscaping of a traditional ski resort. This small location in Idaho used to be one of the most accessible ski centers in the country, but later, become less accessible and thus, mostly forgotten. Many skiers will keep this hidden gem to themselves, and visit when the traffic is very sparse, with up to ¾ less visitors than other ski resorts. Since the resort can be tricky to get to it’s a popular hideaway for the rich and the famous. If you’re dying to get away from everyone and everything and hit your fastest times ever on the slopes, head to Sun Valley!

Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho                                                                         Photo: Homini:)


4. Aspen, Colorado

Some of the best things about skiing in Aspen, Colorado is that there are extensive slopes that are made for every type of ski traveler, so it’s a great location to bring families and large groups of friends. Conveniently, there is an airport just on the outside of town, so you don’t ‘have to worry about making a lengthy drive, or getting lost. The majority of Aspen follows an attractive, old town theme that makes it charming and gives it lots of character. There are lots of restaurants and shops in addition, for when you’re finished hitting the slope. There are free buses that will take you to any slope you want, so you can save money on transportation and parking too! This isolated location is the perfect ski-trip getaway.

Aspen Colorado

Aspen, Colorado                                                                 Photo: Ryan Oksenhorn


5. Stowe, Vermont

Undoubtedly, the best ski resort location of the east coast, Stowe, Vermont provides amazing skiing and snowboarding for everyone, at every level of ability. The lift system is amazing, with large gondolas that will shuttle guests between Sister Mountains Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peek. This location is the first to open a luxury mountain lodge in the northeast for the past 50 years. Here, you can find the ultimate in cross-country ski trails, dog sledding tours, starlight snowshoe tours and yurt dinners. For those who wish to enjoy a diverse and truly authentic winter vacation, head to Stowe for luxury amenities and a captivating scenic view.

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont                                                                              Photo: Charlie


I hope these locations have inspired you to begin making your own ski plans! With a location to enjoy all year around, there is no longer any excuse to put off skiing anymore! Visit soon and experience the vacation of a lifetime at any one of these amazing, top 5 resort locations! Happy trails!

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