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Magic in winter, Rockefeller’s gorgeous Ice Skating Rink

Magic in winter, Rockefeller’s gorgeous Ice Skating Rink Photo by Jeff Pearce via Flickr

Winter is a beautiful time of year. Even with the cold air and snow on the ground there are amazing places to visit in this world. One of the best winter vacation spots is New York City and it’s Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink. Bought in 1928 by John D. Rockefeller, the rink is located in the center of the Rockefeller complex, and was opened on Christmas day in 1936. It has since become the end all and be all of Christmas time in New York.

Surrounded by a backdrop of skyscrapers and the world’s Largest Christmas tree, the ice rink is both romantic and exciting to lay eyes upon. If you have never visited New York before and are setting your sights on the winter season for a trip then you have to include the ice rink in your travels. Even if you are a full blown adult with a career and everything, this trip will bring you back to the magic of childhood.

Expect to pay a pretty penny to mark this location off your bucket list as adult admission is $27 into the rink. Children pay $15. Of course, once you experience the rink first hand you will understand why you pay such a high price (besides the fact you are in New York). Movie stars, famous singers, and actors all gather at the rink in winter to take part in special Christmas specials and events. If you are lucky enough you might even be part of someone’s special marriage proposal. No matter how long you stay or even what time of day you go you will feel excitement and adrenaline upon arrival.

Be aware that the lines at the skating rink do get rather long during the peak season from Thanksgiving all the way up to the New Year. If you come before or after that season you probably won’t have to contend with many skaters. Also, understand that the skating rink itself is not very big at only about 150 feet long. This means that only 100 skaters are allowed on the rink at any given time, so unless you arrive during off times you will have to push and shove to make it through the crowds.

New York is the city of dreams and even in winter this amazing city outdoes itself with the magic of Rockefeller Rink. 

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