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Famous New Orleans Food Photo by chuckyeager via Flickr

New Orleans is a place that is very famous for the food that the city offers. Going to New Orleans is a lot of fun, and the delicious food almost always tops everyone's list of why they enjoy New Orleans and why they make a vacation out of the city. The city's famous food comes from all areas of the world: French, Spanish, Native American, Chinese, Cajun, Italian, and even some Cuban.

A little information about New Orleans: It is a major port in the U.S.A. and it is also the largest city in Louisiana. The population in 2010 for the city of New Orleans was approximately 350,000 and the metro-area had a population of approximately 1.2 million.

The city of New Orleans is also famous for it's amazing Mardi Gras traditions. When most people think of Mardi Gras, they think of New Orleans as they have the largest celebrations in the United States for the holiday.

When I traveled to New Orleans in August, I spent the entire trip trying new restaurants in the French Quarter and the surrounding neighborhoods nearly the whole entire time. All of the meals were delicious and each restaurant had it's own way of making the traditional New Orleans meals awesome, which set each restaurant apart from the next.


Po-Boys are delicious sandwiches on long slices of French bread. Many restaurants serve varying flavors of Po-Boys, and cities all over the United States sell these as well. However, unless you are in New Orleans, then you probably have not had the real thing. These sandwiches are stuffed with different meats such as roast beef, sausage and so on.

There are also seafood Po-Boys, which are filled with shrimp, oysters, catfish and so on. You will find many seafood Po-Boys while in New Orleans. These are usually a fairly cheap meal as well, so if you are on a budget and you are looking for something delicious, then this is definitely something that you should try.


Gumbo is another traditional food item that many order while in New Orleans. Gumbo is a mixture of yummy food simmered for hours upon hours with okra, meats, celery, peppers, seafood, rice, onions, sausage and more.


Jambalaya is another must-eat while in New Orleans. It contains many of the same food items as Gumbo and came from the Caribbean, but it is very different from Gumbo.

Red Beans and Rice

One of my most favorite meals while in New Orleans was red beans and rice, and I ordered it at man restaurants. It tasted slightly different at each place but delicious every single time.

It is a fairly basic meal but is very tasty.


Beignets are something that people who visit New Orleans wait in long lines for during busy times. I ordered them on three separate occasions and it was very delicious.

Beignets are french doughnuts that can be found at many cafes in the French Quarter. These French doughnuts are deep fried and covered in sugar. Cafe Du Monde is a very famous place known for it's beignets. They only take cash though, so please keep that in mind! You can get an order of beighnets for less than $3, which is a great deal.

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