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Planning A Vacation To Lake Tahoe

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Planning A Vacation To Lake Tahoe Photo by Whit Scott via Flickr

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful freshwater lake located along the border of California and Nevada. It is the 27th largest lake in the world, and the second deepest lake in the United States at approximately 1,645 feet.

Lake Tahoe was formed around 2,000,000 years ago and has clear water. There are mountains on all sides which makes Lake Tahoe a very beautiful place for a vacation. Since the lake and the surrounding area is so beautiful, it only makes sense for it to be a popular tourist area.

The North and South Shores.

When you are planning your trip to Lake Tahoe, please remember that there is a North and South Shore. There are different things to do in each area, so you should research and think about what you want to do.

The North Shore is a more relaxing and outdoor area, with many high-quality hotels, resorts, and condominiums. If you like to take in the natural beauty, then the North Shore is probably for you.

The South Shore has many casinos, shopping, and motels. So, if you are looking for bright lights and gambling, then the South Shore is probably for you.

There is also a West Shore, which has many, many camping areas, and the East Shore is protected from any commercial development.

How is the weather at Lake Tahoe?

The weather at Lake Tahoe ranges from a low of around 19 degrees Fahrenheit in the month of January to a high of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the month of July.

When should you visit Lake Tahoe?

The peak season for Lake Tahoe is during the summer months. The temperature is usually very comfortable, and the abundance of activities and attractions that are open make it a popular time to visit. The summer months are popular for warm-weather sports and activities such as golfing, horseback riding, camping, jet skiing, parasailing, swimming, kayaking, hiking and more.

The winter months are also a peak season for Lake Tahoe, as the winter means that there is plenty of snow for winter sports and activities. The winter months are popular for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating at Lake Tahoe. There are many ski resorts such as: Heavenly Mountain Resort; Squaw Valley (site of the 1960 Winter Olympics); Kirkwood Mountain Resort; and so on.

The spring and fall months are the low and shoulder seasons for the Lake Tahoe area. Even though these are the less-busier times to visit, there are still plenty of activities for those who choose to visit during these months.

How can you get to Lake Tahoe?

If you are wanting to take a plane to the Lake Tahoe area, then you will want to fly into the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. The airport is around one hour away from Lake Tahoe.

Many people in the California and Nevada area drive in, but you can do that from many other states as well. Having a car with you can make the trip much more enjoyable. However, if you do decide to drive, keep in mind that the winter months can bring heavy snowfall, which may affect the driving conditions.

When you are in the Lake Tahoe area, having a car (whether your own or a rental car) is almost a necessity. There is a public bus service, but it is not the best. Also, there are not many taxis available, so a car is usually your best bet.

Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? What was your favorite activity?


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