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How To Save Money on Airfare

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One of the biggest expenses of taking a vacation is often the transportation category. If you decide to fly to your destination, then you may have already started looking at airfare prices, and you might have been a little shocked when you typed in your dates and destination only to see the ever-changing high price.

Don't worry though, there are plenty of ways to save on airfare for your next vacation.

Clear your search history and cookies.

Have you ever searched for a flight to see what it may cost, only to check it hours or days later to see that it has increased to a much higher price? This happens all the time.

Vacation booking websites often record what you have searched for so that they can change (usually increase) the prices to destinations that you are interested in. You should always clear your cache whenever you decide that you are ready to buy a flight.

An easy way to check to see if this has happened to you is to check the airfare pricing on your phone (if you've never checked on your phone before).

Have flexible travel dates.

Not everyone is able to be flexible with the dates that they are traveling, but even just having enough room for one or two extra days can save you a decent amount of money. Usually airline websites will show you one or two days around your flying dates that are cheaper, and if you decide to travel just a day earlier or a day later you may be able to save a few hundred dollars.

Fly on less-busier days.

Usually the cheapest days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, so if you could plan your trip around those days then you may be able to save money. The busiest days to fly are usually Friday, Sunday, and Monday.

Time when you buy your flight.

Buying your flight far out in advance may not always be the best decision. For international flights, it may save you money to book as soon as possible, but for domestic flights the best time to buy is usually 5 to 6 weeks ahead of time.

Also, the day you decide to buy is important as well. Usually shopping for your airfare in the mornings on Monday or Tuesday is your best bet. On the contrary, the weekends are usually the most expensive time to buy airfare for your vacation.

Join the e-mail list.

Instead of solely relying on discount airfare websites for your trip, you should also search the airlines individually. Sometimes they have cheaper prices or the same price.

If there is an airline that you always fly (such as American Airlines or Southwest Airlines), then you should sign up for their e-mail list. Sometimes they will send out coupon codes and/or let you know when they are having an airfare sale.

Don't always assume that coach is cheaper.

Usually coach seats are cheaper, but in some cases first or business class seats can actually be the same price or even cheaper. I'm not sure why this happens, but when I bought the airfare for my parents-in-laws for an anniversary trip, business class was actually cheaper. Of course I went with that!

So, when you are searching for your trip, you can always leave the option about seats open.

How do you try to save money on airfare for your vacations?

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