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Piedmont Park, Atlanta

Piedmont Park Piedmont Park Photo by Mike via Flickr

Piedmont Park opened in 1822 and since then has grown into a major urban recreational area with many attractions. It began as a forest, even before Atlanta was established, the forest was turned into a farm and then into a fair ground. The Cotton States and International Exposition was one of the many events held here over the course of 17 years. This huge expo ran for 100 days and had 6,000 exhibits. Many of the areas we can see today in the park were created during the period of this world fair. In 1909 the city of Atlanta turned the fairground into a park using top landscapers and architects. Today the park is the city's primary central gathering space both for casual recreation, sport and for major events and festivals.

Piedmont Park covers 189 acres and is located close to Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The park is still growing and new additions to the park were made as recently as 2011. The Piedmont Park Conservancy is the organization responsible for the park's improvement, maintenance. The park is kept secure and safe thanks to off-duty police officers.

Things to See and Do in Piedmont Park

Piedmont ParkThe park is criss-crossed with paths for walking, jogging, skating and cycling. You can rent bikes and skates at the 12th Street entrance. There are expansive lawns, open meadowlands and covered picnic areas as well as barbecue grills for public use. Kids can play in the Noguchi Playscape playground and the Mayors Grove playground which has adapted apparatus to facilitate accessibility for children who are challenged physically as well. The sports facilities include tennis courts, softball fields, beach volleyball courts, soccer fields, basketball courts and a swimming center. Fishing enthusiasts can use the Lake Clara Meer in the southeast area of the park where there are three fishing piers. The Clara Meer Dock on the lake has an amphitheater-like area which is used for ceremonies and events. Near the dock is the Visitor's Center which is a good place to start any visit to Piedmont Park attractions. Also in the park are two fenced dog parks.

The park is located at 400 Park Drive NE and there are entrances and gates at Park Drive Bridge; Charles Allen Dr. Gate; 12th Street Gate; 14th Street Gate; the Prado Entrance; Westminster Gate and Worcester Dr. Gate.


Hours: The park is open from 6am to 11pm
Location/Map:  400 Park Dr NE Atlanta, GA 30306
Phone: (404) 875-7275
Website: Plan your visit to Piedmont Park