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The Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site: A National Treasure

King Center Memorial King Center Memorial Photo by Bill Rand via Flickr

If you’re visiting Atlanta for the very first time, make sure to include a visit to The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic site. This enriching tourist spot features a full day’s worth of activities for the family, like fascinating exhibits, historical memorabilia, an art gallery, Martin Luther King Jr.’s home and burial site, and much more.

Don’t forget to bookmark these popular attractions when planning your first visit!

Start Your Day at The Visitor Center

The Martin Luther King Jr. Visitor Center is every guest’s first stop when they reach the site. Not only is it your ultimate go-to source for park information, but it also hosts a variety of special exhibits, fine art inspired by King, real film footage, lectures and even more information about King’s powerful legacy.

Inside, you can find the exciting D.R.E.A.M Gallery, which feature an annual rotation of special art exhibits influenced by King, his life and work. The Visitor Center also has impressive permanent collections, which includes the popular Courage To Lead exhibit and the interactive children’s attraction, Children Of Courage.

The Visitor Center is also your meeting point for daily 30-minute park ranger tours of this picturesque National site!

Take an Inspiring Stroll Through The Neighborhood

This special landmark allows visitors the opportunity to take a fascinating walk through Martin Luther King’s own neighborhood, which includes an exterior tour of King’s church and the burial site that he shares with his wife, Coretta. On select days, visitors can even take an exclusive tour of King’s birth home!

The Freedom Hall & Peace Plaza

Mahatma GandhiWhile strolling through King’s old neighborhood, don’t forget to visit the Freedom Hall for artifacts and documents from King’s life. Here, visitors can view a timeline of Kings historical journey, which also includes his admiration for Ghandi and the legendary Rosa Parks!

The Peace Plaza is one of the most photographed spots of this National Historic Site, as it features a gorgeous rose garden named in honor of world peace.


Tour Hours:
Open daily: 9 am to 5 pm.
Summer Hours (Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day): 9 am - 6 pm
Address/Map:  450 Auburn Avenue, NE Atlanta, Georgia 30312
Phone: (404) 526-8900
Website: Plan your visit to The King's Memorial
Admission: Free